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FIRST Robotics Compitition Hosting Service

REVIVED: this small idea turned into BLARK TECH
Multi-Cursor Code IDE that does other stuff too

similar IDE to only more technical and integrated into the FIRST community

ABANDONED: ugh, it seems like to much work
Purdue Hunt

This is a fork of the Spork Hunt idea below. It would be localized to just the campus.

DEAD: I don't go to Purdue anymore
Device Trading

The name says it all. This idea lasted for like 15 minutes before I realized how aweful the logistics would be.

DEAD: no. just no.
Pantries Connected

REVIVED: haven't given up hope on this one just yet
Universal Product QR (UPQR)

Food barcodes suck. They don't provide enough information.

DEAD: keep dreaming - nobody would do this
Spork Hunt

Ok, this is a fun one that I might come back to. It allows people to make and play location-based scavenger hunts with their phone. Similar to Google Forms only way more field types and logic integration.

ABANDONED: large costs (potentially); not worth time invesment for build/upkeep at the moment
Privacy Scorecard

A browser extension and phone app. Lol, already created. Apple App Store, Google Play, and ToS;DR.

DEAD: already done; not novel enough; would people care anyway
Identity verification, contact syncing, and spam prevention service

If both and were combined together. Contacts would be updated automatically by the person themselves; they would never be out of sync on different phones again. Lol, would require global cooperation to have any measurable effectivness.

DEAD: too large scale; already done (ish)